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The two nights the band played at the G-Mex in Manchester marked a distinct change in the size of venues the Mondays could sell out. Even Shaun himself couldnt beleive the audacity of the promoters in attempting to sell tickets for this huge venue. He needn’t have worried, the first night sold out so quickly they had to put a second night on due to phenomenal demand! They also played Wembley stadium just a few days after the G-Mex gigs, on April  7th.

It was a great setlist,  one that spanned the bands whole career up to that point with tracks from Squirrel and G-Man, Bummed, Madchester Rave On EP, and the yet to be released Pills N Thrills album:

Set list: Rave On, Do It Better, Tart Tart, Step On, Performance, Hallelujjah, Clap Your Hands, Kuff Dam, Lazyitis, 24 Hour Party People, Mad Cyril, Gods Cop, Wrote For Luck.

You will notice the gig included the new tune Step On where Shaun had to read the lyrics from a sheet of paper! Quality.

Above is a ticket for the March 24th date and below you can see just some of the press adverts from the time leading up to the gigs. The band pulled both dates off in style, going down a storm and showing the other bands around at the time what a gig should be like, the atmosphere was incredible!

The historic G-Mex gigs were immortalised in film and the full concert from the March 25th date was released on video. You can see this below as well as the official programme for the gigs, done by Central Station Design…

Below you can see the Access All Area pass that the band members had for the event and also the VIP Bar admission card:

And finally, one of the many reviews that appeared in the various music press after the event, all noting what a memorable performance it was and predicting even bigger things for the band.

 There was two different coloured official t-shirts for the gig, available in long sleeve too I think? If anyone can confirm that or even send us pics then please let us know, thanks.


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  1. Grace

    What I wouldn’t give for one of those shirts! Will there be much merch on sale in May?

    • Bigg T

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah the t-shirts are pretty cool arent they, still look good today! Not sure what will be available on the tour yet, which date(s) will you be attending then? Cheers


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