The Fan Club, Leicester 198?

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Does this flyer look familiar to any of you Mondays fans out there? No doubt this is for a very early gig, but what year? If you went to this please let us know all you can remember about it, I know its about 25 years ago but get wracking those brains please! lol

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    • Bigg T

      Hey Stuart, thanks very much for the info, I presumed it would either be 85 or 86 but nice to know for sure! How many people would you say the venue hold then? Cheers, T

      • Colin Fletcher-baggaley

        We took on running the club in 1994. It was a small one room nightclub with an occupancy of 170. We still run the club today but thing have changed a lot since those days. It now has an occupancy of over 1,000 people.


  1. a barsby

    hi ,was resident dj at fan club from 88 to 91 fridays and saturdays ,was the happiest time of my life ,great crowd ,so much music coming out at the time the whole madchester baggy scene as well as grunge ,goth ,shoegazing etc ,have djed all over the world since but fan club will always be close to my heart ,was a regular there every weekend before getting my dream job there saw the mondays ,as well as sonic youth ,bollock bros ,hunters club ,crazyhead ,also had several guest visits by happy mondays ,pixies,jesus jones,inspiral carpets as punters ,it always felt like a family there everyone seemed to know each other and there was nothing else playing the alternative ,indie scene at the time truly magical times,,came back to leicester recently and went there ,its not the same ,but times change ,still had some fun and a dance ,in my forties now .austen

    • Stuart Clark

      yes loved the music started beginning of 90 madchester was in full force,were you the DJ with blond curly locks ?,also Clint from PWEI came down a couple of times :),remember Pork Beast from Crazyhead doing a competition to find the biggest flares in the place lol,loved the strobe lights small compact and always a great buzz in the air,sticky carpets i won’t miss lol,Djing was always top stuff :),on my fb page i’ve done a portrait of one Ian Brown aka with the Stone Roses,i didn’t hav baggy jean’s but did have long blond hair without a care in the world :)

      • austen barsby

        yeah ,that was me long blond hair?? (thinning now and cut short these days ),can remember pork beast giving the tickets to a mondays gig to someone with massive flares (cos we got pissed and lost the raffle tickets (to be honest was pissed/stoned/tripping most nights whilst djing ) ,playing all my fave records in a cool club with free drinks and getting paid for it ,like you said not a care in the world ,happy days

  2. David Nash

    I was at that Weather Prophets/ Happy Mondays gig. In between bands, the club got tear-gassed by a firm who provided bouncers to the clubs of Leicester. However, the Fan Club had declined their services, hence their being targeted. I was chatting to one of the Mondays (Shaun I think) when it all kicked off. & he knew EXACTLY what it was!!! We all ended up on the pavement outside. Gig did eventually go ahead, but proceedings were no less weird. Pete Astor of the Weather Prophets became embroiled in a slanging match with some members of the crowd, who were heckling him with taunts of “Lloyd Cole” & “Lou Reed”. A truly bizarre night!

  3. neilforbes

    Yes l remember it well, my mates were in this picture. My only claim to fame is I pulled the plugs on the Mondays that night! Me and my friend dez got into the kitchen while thay were on stage and found the main feus box and switched every thing off! fucked the drum machine and thay couldn’t carry on.iwas very drunk! !!!! Oh and shaun was dressed as a monk!!!! I think. But I was very drunk.


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