Pills N Thrills Tour 90

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Through November and December 1990 the band embarked on a short but much anticipated UK tour to promote the Pills N Thrills and Bellyaches album. For the first time every date of this tour would be at huge capacity venues as can be seen in the press advert below, highlighting just how big and successful the band had grown.

There were press adverts constantly in the music publications in the run up to the tour, once Donovan had been confirmed to support the adverts took on a different design…

Below is the actual early transparency used to create the Pills N Thrills Tour design which was used on t-shirts for the tour as well as the long sleeved grandad shirts amongst other things:

A huge fly poster was also produced to promote the tour:

And also this extremely rare poster for the huge gig at Wembley Arena they did on the tour:

A selection of tickets from the tour…


The Pills N Thrills Tour t-shirt seen below features the design from the transparency as shown earlier in this post, the lettering has just been done multi coloured:

And finally, a review of the Whitley Bay gig from the tour, this was on November 23rd 1990 and sums it up nicely at the end by simply stating ‘They were awesome’…

10 Responses to “Pills N Thrills Tour 90”

  1. X2

    I was at the Wembley gig, I remember X and PD having a little disagreement on stage

    Great gig though, the boys rocked it

  2. Beater

    I was at the GMEX gig and I remember Shaun throwing fags in the air and catching them in his mouth, pretty impressive really!! And the crowd giving Donovan a hard time……. a bit harsh I thought!!

  3. Andy Kennedy

    Was at fist Glasgow gig. Donavon didnae turn up, an hud tae wait ages for da Mondays tae come on. But it was well worth da wait. TOP BUZZ.

  4. The Hoff

    Birmingham gig….Blinding! I remember the whole fucking stadium bouncing like mad. Can’t remember much more though…It’s my age….honest!

    • Bigg T

      Yes we all blame it on our age dont we, nothing to do with what we were chucking down our necks eh? haha Did you go to any other Mondays gigs mate? Cheers

  5. gazman

    Was at both Glasgow gigs,on the guest list for the 2nd after sharing a j with X outside the venue during the day whilst looking for ways to skip in….fuck me,they were the days!

    • Bigg T

      Cheers for the comment, nice story. Did you used to comment on that old Ro site many years back, I seem to know your name from somewhere mate? Cheers, T

      • gazman

        I did mate yea,also on neworderonline,think we’ve got a mutual mate in shugZV
        Is there a full gigography anywhere online? (apart from shugs on NOOL)

        • Bigg T

          I actually did the one on NOOL mate, if you look Shug gives me credit for it. I dont think theres a more complete one anywhere on the net to be honest although it doesnt contain this reunion tour obviously. I might actually try and get a full gigography put up on this site somewhere.Yeah Ive known him a little while now, good geezer, not spoke to him in ages though, I should probs drop him a line! lol

  6. Shug

    Aye, Bigg T sent me the list donkeys ago, and the idea was to get it on the Neworder forum and see how many people could add to the list.

    The link for the full Mondays gigography is here : http://www.neworderonline.com/Forums/MessageList.aspx?ThreadID=41487

    Think we’ve managed to answer a few question regarding some of the dates and if you scroll through the thread you will see a few posters and photies and stories.

    This place could definitely do with the gigography here, afterall this is the official Mondays site.


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