Match of the Day 1991

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On June 1st 1991 the Mondays played one of their biggest gigs at an all day event at Elland Road, Leeds, headlining a bill that included other quality bands such at Northside, The La’s, The Farm, The High etc. Also memorable for the ‘brave raver’ scaling one of the floodlights! The full page press advert can be seen below:

The event was a huge success with the band playing a quality set that was later released by Factory as a live album. This huge fly poster was also designed to promote the event:

The official programme, titled Match of the Day obviously because it was held at Leeds United”s ground…

And the ticket…

There was also official t-shirts designed and sold on the day:

And finally, as requested by Matt M, here is a full 5 page article and review that Select magazine did about the day, its a great feature with some cool photos, please just click the thumbnails below to enlarge so that you can read: 

7 Responses to “Match of the Day 1991”

  1. Mattm

    Brilliant stuff, thanks for the Select magazine stuff. What was inside the actual programme? Was it just pics? I would’ve really liked to hear the whole gig, including support bands

    • Grice

      There was an LP release “live at elland road” i am sure its out there somewhere on the net. Worth a listen

  2. Carol-Ann Miller

    Best gig ever – including getting down to Leeds from Edinburgh on the Ripping Records bus! Remember the guy who scaled the lights and the guy from the Stereo MC’s trying to rap him down, tee hee!

  3. kerry

    There was an album released. Which.i have and yes i remembet ‘the brave raver’. Such a good day!!

  4. Shug

    One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to and I’ve done a few. The bootleg lp was available via NME the week after I think, it was called “Baby Bighead” Tony Wilson saw this and decided he wasnae going to get ripped off and put out the official “Live” album out not too long after. I have one of the LTD edition one’s, gatefold sleeve and all, but would never part with it. The Mondays were on top of their game at Elland Road, it’s just a shame a bootleg video has never leaked, there were apparently some in Camden Market and rumours of copies from Holland but I’ve never been able to track one down. Bugger.

  5. eggnog

    Holy moses, 23 years ago. And I was just a wee shaggy haired northern boy wearing kickers and knackered up jeans. Scary to think so much time has passed, but luckily the memory of the gig is still strong….it was awesome. It was the only time I ever saw the mondays but I have to agree with guy above, they were absolutely on top of their game. The other bands were poor relations that day. Don’t think I’ve ever been to a better live gig. The sound system was mega loud….when it turned dark and the lights started streaming off the stage, sitting on a mate’s shoulders watching 25000 people swaying to tracks from a legendary LP, it was something special.


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