European Tour 1990

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Keeping up their busy schedule the band headed round Europe at the start of 1990 for a short tour taking in Germany, France, Spain and Iceland of all places!

The flyer above was for the bands gig at the Luxor Club in Germany on March 6th, a venue that has hosted numerous English groups over the years.

The item above that looks more like a poster or flyer is actually a ticket for the bands gig at Le Truc in France on March 12th. This was a great gig with Shaun even greeting the audience in their native language along with other classic French mumblings throughout the gig. 

Below is a press advert for the bands gig in Rekjavik, Iceland on March 16th. This gig became legendary due to Horseman sporting a viking helmet and dancing like mad throughout the gig, thankfully captured in a photo printed in the NME. Again, like the Ibiza gig the same year there was special trips put on to see the band play and a decent amount of English fans made the trip.

As indicated previously, the NME covered this tour of Europe in their article titled EC Riders. Please click the thumbnails below to see the article bigger so that you can read it…

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