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We board the tour bus in Manchester for what has become a typical early departure time. Whilst most of England sleeps we head southbound to France en-route to Malmo, Sweden. The British winter has once again arrived fashionably late, bringing with it what is best described as ‘Dick Turpin’ weather. Camouflaged countryside submerged in a… Read more »


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Gaz Whelan

We finally depart Edinburgh around 4 a.m. and begin our overnight journey to Belgium. Fortunately, we are travelling in extreme comfort and style. Tour buses are incredible machines, some containing every luxury possible for a hard working touring musician or even the most pampered Roman emperor. But due to the late addition of the Belgium… Read more »


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Shaun and Bez

We eventually depart Manchester around 9.30pm. Our designated pick up point is a car park close to the rehearsal room that is large enough to accommodate a big tour bus. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) the said car park also happened to belong to a famous Stockport Public House. This accompanied by the fact we are suddenly… Read more »